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Communications + Work Experience
FETAC (NCVA): Communications (G20001) Level 5

FETAC (NCVA): Work Experience (W20008) Level 5 

Participant Profile:

 Participants in this course usually want to complete a full FETAC Level 5 award and require these compulsory modules to complete their module list. Communications and work experience are compulsory modules on all FETAC level 5 courses.Communication skills are highly valued in the workplace butthis module extends beyond exclusively vocational needs, recognising that the acquisition of these skills is a life-long process, and  central to personal, social and professional development and fulfilment.The work experience module enables learners to develop work skills, evaluate employment opportunities and cope with changing work environments. 

Course Content:


Develop an awareness of the essential role played by communication in human interaction. 

Acquire communication skills relevant to vocational and personal development. 

Understand the communicative principles and practices involved in gathering and relaying information. 

Acquire the skills and confidence to convey and interpret meaning, in writing, orally and visually.

Develop a critical awareness of communications messages and media.

Explore the use of modern communication and information technology, and its application in personal and vocational life. 


Work Experience

Develop critical awareness of the changing nature of work set achievable goals for work experience. 

Utilise learning opportunities presented in the work environment. 

Apply work skills to consolidate learning in the vocational area. 

Understand how work is planned and organised at different levels in aspecific vocational area. 

Organise and complete 10 sessions of Work Experience.   


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Accreditation: FETAC (NCVA): Communications  Level 5, Work Experience Level 5

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