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Gorey Community School

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Terms and Conditions

July 2014

1        RegistrationParticipants must register in order to participate in any of our courses. Participants are not registered until they have paid the appropriate registration fee.  Places on our courses are offered on a first come, first served basis to individuals, once they have paid the registration fee. Payment of the registration fee does not guarantee  a place on a specific course. If a course is over subscribed or has insufficient registration to allow it to proceed, the participant may be offered the option of a transfer to another course, or a refund of their registration fee.  


2       FeesCourse fees of  less than €300 are due on or before the third night of the course.  Where total fees are greater than €300, participants may pay their fees in instalments.  The number of instalments and frequency of payment will be determined by the Director of Adult Education and will be available to participants in advance of the commencement of the course. Participants who are in receipt of funding from a third party, must submit a letter of approval from the funding organisation on or before the third night of the course.  Receipts are issued on night four of each term.  


3        Refunds / DefermentsThe registration fee is not refundable unless  the chosen class is cancelled. Where a student is dis-satisfied with a course or due to certain circumstances, they are unable to  continue, they may apply for a refund / deferment of fees, in the following circumstances.

A.      The refund / deferment  must be applied for on or before the third night of the course.

B.      The application for a refund/ deferment must be in writing.

C.       If applying for a refund/deferment on medical grounds, the application must be accompanied by a medical certificate.If an applicant for a refund /deferment is dis-satisfied with the decision of the Director of Adult Education they may appeal the decision to the Board of Management of Gorey Community School.  


4        Participants in receipt of Job Seekers Benefit or a State Pension are entitled to a 25% reduction on all uncertified courses. A PPS number must be provided. 


5.         Examinations / Certification Students are required to pay their fees in full before taking final examinations. Participants may be excluded from an examination, if they have not paid the appropriate course fees.   Certificates will be issued according to the personal details submitted by the participant at the time of registration. Certificates must be collected in person at the Adult Education office or at an award ceremony. The cost of replacing lost or inaccurate certificates will be passed on to the student. 


6. The Board of Management reserves the right of admission. Participants must be at least 16 years of age in order to participate in Adult Education courses.  


7        Student Property  School authorities regret that responsibility cannot be accepted for loss or damage to the property of students. This includes cars, motor cycles and bicycles on the campus. 8    In the event of closure due to bad weather, a message will be posted on our website www.goreyadulted.ie , our Facebook Page   Night Classes at Gorey Community School   and on our telephone answering service at 053 9421167.  Where classes are lost due to weather conditions, we reserve the right to rearrange those classes at alternative dates.

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