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Accounting Technician: Information 

What subjects will I be studying?

The ATI course has two distinct years to cover - First Year and Second Year.

The First Year syllabus gives you a common knowledge of business, while Second Year allows you to build a deeper understanding of more advanced accounting issues. There is also a practical focus on the IT systems that are commonly used by accountants.

First Year

• Financial Accounting 1

• Taxation 1

• Law & Ethics

• Business Management

Second Year

• Financial Accounting II

• Taxation II

• Management Accounting

• Financial Data Management


By the time you have passed your exams, you will have learned to:

• Prepare financial statements

• Prepare financial reports and other management information

• Compute tax liabilities for companies and individuals

• Set up and manage systems for budgets, stock control, cost accounting,and cash reconciliations

• Set up and manage credit control procedures

• Use computers effectively in an accounts related environment

• Understand the relevance of Marketing, IT, Finance, Law, and HR to the accounting function.  

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Entry requirements

Under 21 years of age

Students from the Republic of Ireland must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Leaving Certificate with five passes on Ordinary Level papers. (Passes to include English and either Mathematics or Accountancy).
  • Leaving Certificate with four passes of which at least two are on Higher Level papers. (Passes to include English and either Mathematics or Accountancy).
  • A fully completed relevant QQI Level 5 qualification.

Mature students 

If you are 21 years of age or older and have relevant work experience or a recommendation from your employer, you can apply to enrol as a student on the basis of your age and experience rather than on your educational background. This is often helpful to people who want to return to work after an absence.

Student Expectations

If you wish to complete the course in two years, then you will have a busy schedule of lectures on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 10 pm. These run for 28 weeks.You will also attend occasional weekend seminars in Dublin. These seminars are not compulsory but can be invaluable in the run-up to exams.

Tuition fees are €995 per year so you should budget for approximately €2500 per annum to cover all registration fees and tuition fees.

Click here to find out about the ATI fees which are in addition to your fees payable to Gorey Community School.


You can register to attend classes at Gorey Community School by paying your €95 registration fee.

You can do this using Easy Payments Plus or by downloading a registration form from this website.

Students attending all four modules can pay their tuition fees in instalments beginning with an initial payment of €225 on the first night.  Three additional payments of €225 are spread out over the year.

For further Information, log on to the Accounting Technicians website 


Work Experience - a Note from the ATI

To complete the qualification, receive your diploma and become a Full Member of Accounting Technicians Ireland (MIATI), you must complete and submit a record of two years' work experience for assessment.

The experience must be completed within an accounting or finance environment. ATI acknowledges work experience that has been obtained before, during or after your studies.

Once you have passed the Record of Work Experience Assessment and satisfied the joining criteria, you will be invited to come forward for membership and attend the graduation.

On becoming a Full Member, you are entitled to use the professional designation MIATI after your name, a respected business accreditation valued by many employers. Full Members can also avail of a wide range of services and benefits. 

Click here for further information about the ATI's Work Experience requirements

Alternatively you can contact Member Services Department on 01 649 8100

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