Human Growth and Development (5N1279)

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Human Growth and Development (5N1279) QQI Level 5

This course is suitable for people working in Community Care, healthcare support, nursing, and early childhood care and education. It will teach you how to work effectively in a variety of community/social care settings, where frequent demand is made on the individual to relate to people at various levels of personal development, from infancy to old age.

Course Content:

  • Concept of human growth and development from conception to old age
  • Normal patterns of development from infancy to old age with reference to physical, emotional, social and intellectual development
  • Variations within the normal range of human growth and development and understand factors that can effect development throughout the lifespan
  • Interpersonal/interactive skills appropriate to responding to the needs of others
  • Application of skills/knowledge to typical work-based problems
  • Personal prejudices, fears and anxieties about working with people in need of care
  • Developing self-confidence and empathy in dealing with people


Tutor: Margaret O'Connor 

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Assessment: Assignment 60%, Exam 40%

Accreditation: QQI: Human Growth and Development (5N1279) Level 5

Spring term, 12 x Monday nights (7-10pm) & two Saturdays.

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