Equality and Disability (5N1273)

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Equality and Disability (5N1273) QQI Level 5

This course is suitable for those interested in or working in community care, community work, social care. It will help you to challenge personal and/or organisational behaviour that discriminates against people with disabilities. It aims to provide learners with an awareness of the importance of equality for people with disabilities in all areas of society.


Course Content:

  • Understand the historical background and relevant concepts in relation to disability
  • Analyse how society interacts with individuals with disabilities 
  • Examine the need for accessibility, positive action plans and equality/diversity awareness in relation to people with disabilities
  • Develop interpersonal/interactive skills appropriate to responding to people with disabilities
  • Identify the role of the care provider in ensuring inclusion and equality for all sectors of society
  • Explore and reflect on own personal prejudices fears and anxieties about working with people with disabilities
  • Demonstrate ways in which an individual can combat discrimination and inequality in society.


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Assessment: Assignment 40%, Project 60%

Accreditation: QQI: Equality and Disability 5N1273

Spring term, Wednesday nights x 12 & 2 Saturdays. 7-10pm.

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