Spreadsheet Methods (5N1977)

Category: QQI

This course is suitable for those who need to use spreadsheets either for work, domestic, or use as a volunteer treasurer.

You will learn how to 

1 Investigate a range of common uses for spreadsheets

2 Explore key spreadsheet elements including cells, cell references, numeric, alpha, and alphanumeric data, formulae, functions, graphs and macros

3 Demonstrate common spreadsheet usability features to include use of toolbars, window management, sorting, and filtering

4 Use spreadsheet design features involving data and cell formatting techniques which enhance understanding and legibility

5 Automate routine multi-step tasks through the creation, execution, and management of simple macros

6 Print complete or partial sections of a spreadsheet, formatted fit for presentation

7 Use advanced spreadsheet features including absolute and relative cell references, conditional IF statements, statistical, financial, and date and time functions

8 Generate a variety of types of graphs, with appropriate titles and labels, from spreadsheet data

9 Produce a spreadsheet, with minimal supervision, that meets a simple design specification and is fit for purpose

10 Demonstrate personal initiative and resourcefulness in editing and amending spreadsheets to ensure they are fit for purpose.


Class runs on Monday nights x 10 & 2 Saturdays, Spring term.

See Timetable for specific date, time, and fee

Assessment: Project 50%, Examination - Practical 50%

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Accreditation: QQI L5 Spreadsheet Methods (5N1977)


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