Child Psychology QQI L6 (6N2023)

Category: QQI

This course will give you the knowledge, skill and competence in psychological concepts, theory and practice relevant to the development of the Child.

Course content:

1 Research theories of development change and continuity in infancy, childhood and adolescence

2 Evaluate a range of factors influencing and impacting on the psychological development of the child

3 Appraise different theoretical models of child and adolescent development

4 Assess the importance of transitions in influencing a sense of self

5 Analyse different scientific methods and their application in relation to child behaviour and child development

6 Critically evaluate how the role of social, biological, cultural and historical perspectives affect the development of children and adolescent

7 Explore the development of gender consciousness and its impact on self-identity in children and young people

8 Use empirical research in acquiring knowledge, informing best practice and constructing scientific knowledge in a specific child development, education and or care context

9 Analyse the implications of own attitudes, values, beliefs and assumptions in relation to issues of relevant policies and best practice

10 Identify personal learning goals and assist others in identifying learning and personal development goals.


Assessment: Assignment 40%, Project 60%

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Class runs in Spring term, Monday night x 12 & 2 Saturdays, 7-10pm

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