Word Processing (5N1358)

Category: QQI

This award teaches you how to use a word processing application to produce documents in a variety of contexts to a mailable or publishable standard whilst working on your own or under general direction.

This module is ideal for those who will be using a computer/tablet for paid or voluntary work, or for third-level or further education.


Course content:

Uses and features of a typical word processing application - text manipulation, document formatting, graphics, tabs, tables, mail merge and label printing

Identify frequently-used toolbar icons and related functions associated with file handling and text formatting

Create documents applying a range of text processing features including - margins and line spacing, indenting text and paragraphs, borders and shading, numbering and bullets, copying and pasting text, enhancing text

Page features to include - headers and footers, page numbering, paper size and orientation 

Proofing tools including - spell check, thesaurus, search and replace

File management facilities, including - creating files and folders, saving files in different formats, copying files an folders, renaming files, accessing file details, finding files using search facility

Table features including - creating tables, resizing, merging cells, inserting or deleting columns and rows, aligning text, applying borders and shading to tables and sorting table content

Mailmerge and labels

Track changes to documents

Plus printing and other features


Autumn term, 12 x Monday nights & 2 Saturdays: Go to Timetable Listings for date, times and fee

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Assessment: Assignment 20%, Practical Exam 80%

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