Biology QQI L5 (5N2746)

Category: QQI

This award will teach you the skills and knowledge to independently apply concepts and principles of biology in a laboratory and in the field in a managed environment.

Course Content

Plant and animal cell types, structure and functions

Factors that influence photosynthesis and transpiration

Life cycle of a bacterium, fungus and virus

Main pathogenic agent infection pathways

Role of micro-organisms in a variety of industrial processes

Basic structure and function of DNA and RNA and the effects of mutation

Genotypes and phenotypes of the four blood groups

Genetic engineering

Basic structure and function of the antibody molecule

Breeding programme used to improve a specific crop and one used to improve a specific animal or animal product

Plants and animals found in a specified habitat

Effects of common physical hazards on the human body and the appropriate safety precautions necessary to minimise hazards including use of common hazard symbols

Rights and responsibilities of employers and employees under health and safety legislation

Mendel's laws of inheritance

Field work techniques, experiments or investigations, laboratory reports


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Assessment: Learner Record 25%, Skills Demonstration 25%, Theory Exam 50%

Spring term, 12 x Monday nights (7-10pm) & two Saturdays.

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