Human Resource Management & Recruitment (5N3586)

Category: QQI

12 x Monday nights & 2 Saturdays, Spring term

This award will give you the knowledge, skill and competence to understand the role and function of Human Resources within an organisation and their application in the workplace.


At the end of the module, you will have learned how to:

Explore the development of the role and function of Human Resources within an organisation

Examine the stages of the Human Resource planning process

Outline the procedures involved in the recruitment and selection process

Explore the process of recruitment and selection, focusing on the range of strategies available to the employer

Examine the role of training and development, assessing the overall contribution it makes to an organisation's effectiveness

Explore motivation theories and techniques and their application to the work place

Explore the importance of performance management strategies, identifying a variety of techniques available to the employer

Outline a range of health, safety at work and welfare facilities and supports which can be provided by employers

Explore grievance, discipline and conflict resolution procedures

Outline the main features of Employment Legislation

Apply a broad range of Human Resource Management skills and tools to Human Resource Management operations

Utilise relevant Human Resource materials to provide solutions to well-defined scenarios

Communicate Human Resources information and documentation to employer and employees

Implement Human Resource theory and techniques to fulfill Human Resource objectives for an organisation

Participate effectively within a group or team using Human Resource Management tools and strategies

Evaluate own performance



Examination - Theory 50%

Assignment 30%

Skills Demonstration 20%


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