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Early Childhood Care and Education (5M2009) QQI Level 5

By September 2015, all staff working with children in early years services will have to have a minimum Level 5 on the National Qualifications Framework qualification in early years care and education, or an equivalent qualification.

This Level 5 Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education (5M2009) prepares you to work with young children aged from birth to six in different childcare settings.

You will gain the skills, knowledge, and competence to work as a childcare professional within the childcare and early education sector.


After you complete this course, you will be able to work in - or pursue further study about - crèches, afterschool services, preschools, playschools, nurseries, special needs classroom assisting, or the au pair/nanny field. 
After this course, you can study for the QQI Level 6 Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education (6M2007).

Eight modules: five vocational modules & Communications, Work Experience & one other Level 5 module

Four Compulsory Modules

Early Childhood Education and Play (5N1773)   12 Weeks + 2 Sats          Sept

Child Development (5N1764)                          12 Weeks   + 2 Sats        Sept

Child Health and Wellbeing (5N1765)               12 Weeks + 2 Sats          Jan               

Early Care and Education Practice (5N1770)     12 Weeks  + 2 Sats         Jan

1 Elective Module from list below

Social Studies (5N1370)                                 20 Weeks                       Sept

Safety and Health at Work (5N1764)               12 Weeks                       May

Approaches to Early Child Ed. (5N1763)          12 Weeks                       Sept

Special Needs Assisting (5N1786)                   12 Weeks                       Jan

Nutrition (5N2006)                                        12 Weeks                        Jan

Compulsory Modules

Communications                                          Wed 12 weeks                 starts Sept or Jan or May

And Work Experience                                    Tues                              starts Jan only 


& Any other Level 5 module or the ECDL.

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