Communications 5N0690

Communications (5N0690) QQI Level 5

Participants in this course usually want to complete a full QQI Level 5 award and require this compulsory module to complete their QQI Level 5 course.

Communication skills are highly valued in the workplace but this module extends beyond exclusively vocational needs, recognising that the acquisition of these skills is a lifelong process, and central to personal, social and professional development and fulfilment.


Course Content:

  • Develop an awareness of the essential role played by communication in human interaction.
  • Acquire communication skills relevant to vocational and personal development.
  • Understand the communicative principles and practices involved in gathering and relaying information.
  • Acquire the skills and confidence to convey and interpret meaning, in writing, orally and visually.
  • Develop a critical awareness of communications messages and media.
  • Explore the use of modern communication and information technology, and its application in personal and vocational life.


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Assessment: Collection of Work 50%, Skills Demonstration 50%

Accreditation: QQI : Communications  Level 5 (5N0690)

Wednesday nights x 12 & 2 Saturdays 

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