Legal Practice and Procedure (5N1394)

This course is suitable for people who have an interest in law and its importance in business, employment, and everyday life. This module can be taken as an optional module in the Business Studies or Childcare certificates.


Course Content:

Learners will be able to:

1 Identify the sources Irish law to include an explanation of the features of each source
2 Assess the role of the Constitution in the Irish legal system
3 Explain the meaning of common general legal terms to include plaintiff, defendant, injunction, in camera and precedent
4 Outline the structure of the Irish judicial system to include the hierarchy, jurisdiction and function of courts within the Irish court system
5 Outline the role and function of personnel within the Irish legal system
6 Explore the impact of European Law on the Irish legal system
7 Define the nature of tort to include the recognition between tort and other civil and criminal wrongs
8 Describe the proceedings in a Court of law
9 Evaluate relevant documents and legislation relevant to a specific vocational area
10 Identify the main categories of remedies available to include compensation, injunction, declaration, specific performance and judicial review
11 Evaluate the impact of European Law on Irish Law
12 Distinguish between civil and criminal, public and private and procedural and substantive law.


12 Wednesday nights & 2 Saturdays: Go to Timetable Listings for date, times and fee

Accreditation: QQI: Legal Practice and Procedures (5N1394) Level 5

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Assessment: Assignment 60%, Exam 40%

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