Small Animal Husbandry and Housing (5N1898)

Small Animal Husbandry and Housing (5N1898) QQI Level 5

This course is suitable for those who wish to care for a variety of pet animals in both domestic and commercial set ups including the provision of food, specialised housing and the requirements for breeding.


Course Content:

  • General requirements of small animals to include rodents, reptiles, birds, fish, dogs and cats
  • Physical traits of a variety of breeds of small domestic animals and give examples of breed standards
  • Feeding requirements of carnivorous, obligatory carnivorous, omnivorous and herbivorous pet animals and how food can be prepared and presented
  • Housing options for small animals and the housing requirements to ensure animal health, safety, security and ease of management by owner and or keeper
  • Bedding materials and substrates available for domestic pet animals
  • Common illnesses, diseases and ailments affecting small animals
  • Commercial and domestic kennel and cattery designs including options for exercise areas, grooming facilities, storage and staff resources areas


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Assessment: Project 30%, Skills Demonstration 30%, Exam 40%

Accreditation: QQI Small Animal Husbandry and Housing (5N1898) Level 5 

Autumn-Winter term, 6 x Wednesday nights (7-9.30pm) & four Saturdays.

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