Animal Behaviour (5N0751)

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Animal Behaviour (5N0751) QQI Level 5

This course is suitable for those who wish to understand the behavioural strategies of a variety of domestic and wild animal species and to care for and handle domestic and pet animals appropriately.


Course Content:

  • Explain how animals have adapted to best suit their environments through the process of natural selection
  • Natural groupings of animals, categorising as either social, solitary or gregarious
  • Natural habitats and housing environments including native species to global continents, exploring the suitability of animals to specific climate and making recommendations for housing these animals in captivity
  • Different courtship behaviours of animals and explain why courtship is important
  • Different reproductive and nurturing strategies performed by a variety of species to include examples of annelids, molluscs, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals
  • Main functions of juvenile behaviour, differentiating between instinct and innate behaviour, classical and operant conditioning

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Assessment: Project 30%, Skills Demonstration 30%, Exam 40%

Accreditation: Animal Behaviour (5N0751) QQI Level 5

Spring term, 12 x Monday nights (7-10pm) & two Saturdays.

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