Understanding Childhood Anxiety

Category: Health & Wellbeing


Tutor: Carina McEvoy

Description: A course designed for parents and adults, who wish to understand children’s psychological development and childhood anxiety. This course explores anxiety in today’s society and why it is becoming such an epidemic.

We examine how anxiety can manifest itself in children and discuss it’s short and long term effects. We examine the psychological development of the child and also the natural transitions they must overcome during childhood.

We look at the Theory of Attachment and the importance of security to a child. We investigate anxiety in more detail and examine the science behind it.

This course is designed as a source of knowledge to help parents and adults dealing with anxious children. However, it is also a great course for any parent to do in order to gain an essential understanding of the basics of child psychology, which any parent should be aware of in order to rear resilient secure children in today’s society.

Duration: 5 weeks / Monday nights, Autumn/Winter term (check timetable)

Course Objectives - After this course you will be able to:

  • ü  Let go of the pressure of perfect parenting.
  • ü  Know the statistics relating to children’s anxiety in Ireland.
  • ü  Understand why anxiety has increased in today’s modern world.
  • ü  Be aware of the importance of modelling behaviour.
  • ü  Understand Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development.
  • ü  Understand Bowlby’s Theory of Attachment.
  • ü  Understand Winnicot’s Theory of the ‘Good Enough Mother’
  • ü  Grasp a clear understanding of the importance of security to a child and how to ensure the child is developing that sense of security.
  • ü  Understand the natural and personal transitions that are met in childhood.
  • ü  Possess a greater understanding of the concept of anxiety and the science behind it.
  • ü  Recognise how children might express their anxiety.
  • ü  Recognise the importance of resilience building in our children.


Course Outline:


Course Content:

Session 1

  • Who am I & why am I here?
  • Who are you & why are you here?
  • A note on repetition.
  • The ‘Good enough mother’ – Winnicot. Letting go of the parental perfection pressure.
  • Children’s anxiety in Ireland
  • Exploring the concept of child anxiety.
  • The modern word & children’s anxiety.
  • Modelling Behaviour.

Session 2

  • A look at Children’s Psychological Development

-        Winnicot theory of the ‘Good Enough Mother’.

-        Bowly’s Theory of Attachment

Session 3

  • Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory
  • The importance of security to a child
  • Raising a secure child.

Session 4

  • Childhood Transitions

-        Common

-        Personal Transitions.

-   Family separation

  • Separation Anxiety Disorder.
  • Back to school & heightened anxiety.
  • Morning routines – setting the child up for a successful morning.

Session 5

  • Is anxiety bad?
  • The science behind anxiety.
  • Examining the bodies response to anxiety.
  • Recognising how a child might express anxiety & why.
  • Becoming fully aware of your child & their anxiety.
  • The importance of building resilience in children.

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