Using Mindfulness When Working with Children

Category: Health & Wellbeing

Duration: 5 Wednesday nights, Autumn/Winter term and Spring term

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Mindfulness Class weekly breakdown


Week 1

  • What is Mindfulness?
  • What are the benefits of mindfulness?
  • How can we practice mindfulness ourselves daily.
  • Why introduce the practice of mindfulness to children?


Week 2

  • How to introduce mindfulness to children aged 4-18yrs!
  • Breathing techniques for children.
  • Teaching Mindful Movements to children
  • How to teach children to focus on the now.
  • Teaching children how to differentiate between feelings/sensations/emotions.


Week 3

  • How to make talking openly about our feelings the “norm”
  • Ways to teach/help children to self-regulate.
  • Activities that can be carried out in groups to teach children tools to recognize signs that they are about to experience a certain emotion i.e anxiety or so on.


Week 4

  • How to engage children to talk openly about every emotion and how to teach them and likewise get them to tell us where in their bodies these emotions can be felt.
  • How to teach the introduction and importance of journaling to children
  • How to engage children in mindful activities.


Week 5

  • How to introduce tools to children to help them when they become overwhelmed to help pave the way for more positive mental health in the future.
  • Group role play
  • Mindful games for children
  • How to deal with sensitive subjects that children may wish to discuss during mindfulness classes i.e grief, bullying, parental separation, these are but a few I have encountered in my workshops.



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