Mandala Art - Mindfulness through Art

Category: Health & Wellbeing

Wednesday nights x 5

7pm - 9.30pm


Mandala Art is a spiritual and ritual symbol in the Indian religions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.


Benefits of creating Mandalas: 

It calms the mind, quiets emotions, induces feelings of tranquillity and deep contentment.

Reduces stress, lowers blood pressure

Increases concentration and focus, stimulates creative thinking, and problem-solving abilities. 

Can help you sleep much better after creating one. 



Course Content

Week 1; Getting used to drawing on paper using pencils and markers

Week 2: Creating on canvas - pencil, posca markers/normal markers

Week 3: Creating  on rocks - acrylic paint, dotting tools

Week 4: Creating on small tiles - posca markers/acrylic paints

Week 5: Creating on large tiles - posca markers/acrylic paints


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