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Beginning Tap Dance

Tap your troubles away! You might be the next Gene Kelly or Ginger Rogers! This is a dance fitness class which will help you build strength, endurance and flexibility. Along the way you’ll learn the dance of stage and screen, and have a whole lot of fun! Students will learn a routine as well as improvisation through creative tap games, keeping you mentally fit as well. The class is taught by former Los Angeles dance and fitness professional Wendy Connolly, with over 30 years’ experience in the business, and was herself an adult beginner. Students should dress comfortably and wear smooth soled, low heeled shoes. The instructor can assist students in purchasing tap shoes, if desired. Get ready to make some noise!


  • It's great exercise. There are cardio, strength and flexibility benefits, with a warm up and cool down for every class.
  • It's done to fun, feel-good music
  • There are always new steps to learn, so it's never boring. This especially appeals to those who would never get up and do a more repetitive form of exercise.
  • It's creative. Students will get opportunities to improvise, and share their steps with classmates.
  • It's the dance that inspired ballroom dance, and with the rise in popularity in those, tap might bring in crossover dancers interested in becoming the next Fred and Ginger!
  • You can learn at any age.  If this is something you've always wanted to do,there's no better time than now. I've taught to many adaptive and mature students, so I will keep a sharp eye out for safety, and injury prevention 
  • It is rhythmic and musicaland so helps with memory and neural plasticity
  • It improves balance and coordination, with its frequent changing of feet
  • Practicing complex rhythms improve math skills
  • So you see, tap dancing is holistic! It improves the function of mind, body, and spirit. Besides, it's next to impossible to be miserable in a pair of tap shoes!

Here are some links to some of these great dancers in action. Sit back and enjoy.

Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor in "Moses Supposes" from the movie classic "Singin' in the Rain"

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers:

Same steps, different style, with Savion Glover:

And finally, the most imitated dance in film history:

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