Senior Challenge

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Senior Challenge

A programme to stimulate the over 65s elderlycouple

10  Wednesday nights, Autumn Term, 6.45pm to 9pm

Retirement is what you make of it. Senior Challenge is a programme that offers new and exciting pursuits to people who have the time and interest to follow up on educational or personal ambitions that were maybe out of reach earlier in their life.

Retirement is a great opportunity for people to follow their dream or expand their intellectual envelope to include new topics or spheres of interest.

During Senior Challenge, participants will attend two one-hour classes each night, one with a physical/wellbeing theme and one with a scientific/educational theme.

Participants will engage in programmes in each of the following four categories:

·       Psychology / Communications / Personal Goal-Setting

·       Physical Education / Tai Chi / Dance / Mindfulness

·       Computers / Social Media / Internet / Mathematics

·       Learning New Skills: Creative Writing / Forensic Science /

      Furniture Restoration / Cabinet Making / Italian / Spanish / Chinese


Participants attend two modules per night for five nights

This allows them to attend four different modules in the first term.

Participants choose which classes to go to on their first night.

To register, call us on 053 942 1167, drop into our Adult Education office (just inside the school's main door) during the day.

Or click here for further info on how to register.

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