Organic Kitchen Gardening

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Five Wednesday nights, Spring term, see timetable

This course is suitable for both the beginner and those who have gardened before and realise there are gaps in their gardening

People are becoming aware of the effects of pesticides, herbicides and chemical preservation on our food and land.

We are now returning to the much prized skill of growing our own.

But it is difficult and often very confusing for someone starting out on this tantalising adventure.
Set-backs in the initial stages can be very discouraging.

This course is designed to bring the gardener through the initial stages of setting-up, sowing and growing their own edibles in the garden, plot and pot.

Classes are held once a week and offer up-to-date information and advice on what gardening tasks should be done and how to do them at the most critical time of the growing year. Each class will enable the learner to go home with some knowledge they can put into practice that very week.

This is a do-as-you-learn course. Weekly topics are of-the-moment; we don’t cover what you need
to be doing in the autumn during a spring class.

Participants will gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to enable them to advance on their gardening journey, with lots of encouragement along the way.

They will learn how to be self-sufficient in baby salad leaves, using just three large pots. They will understand how to care for their soil; the very basis of good health. They will have a greater understanding of how nature works and balances so there is no need to run out and buy sprays every time there’s a problem.

This course brings the participant through the stages of sowing, growing, protecting and staking fruit, vegetables and herbs in a healthy organic soil.

Classes are delivered by Stacia Ring, a fully qualified horticulturalist with over ten years experience in the industry. Registered with the Teaching Council of Ireland.

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