Creative Writing - How to Get Published

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This is an in-depth course into the world of publishing in Ireland. A detailed look at choosing what to write, polishing your writing and getting it ready for the submission process.

This is a summary of what we will explore. Please note this is subject to change.

As part of this course you have the chance to submit a piece for an anthology for Gorey Adult Education – Creative Writers – New Irish Writing.


Choosing what you want to write. Looking at Memoir, Essay Writing, Short Story and The Novel.

Editing your work. Learning how to edit your own work is vital on the road to publishing.

Deciphering drafts. How many drafts before something should be even considered for publication?

Format of book, short story, memoir etc.

When is the correct time to begin looking for a publisher? Do you need an editor beforehand?

All about the submission process.

Looking at publishing in Ireland and the UK. Discussing the pros and cons of traditional versus self-publishing.

Understanding books. Hardback, paperback, eBook and audible. Note that audible is set to overtake eBook, it is growing so fast.

Preparing your proposal to publishers, magazines etc.

Preparing a synopsis, covering letter, first three chapters or short story.

Working on an anthology.

Looking at competitions, submission possibilities etc.


Spring Term, 10 Monday nights.

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