Creative Writing for Beginners (Finding your Authentic Voice)

Category: Leisure & Hobbies

Creative writing for beginners is suitable for anyone who would like to explore their creativity through the power of writing by tapping into the wealth of their imaginations. 

This course is designed to encourage you to use your unique life experiences, your passions, and ideas to create.

Most importantly it will show you the freedom in expressing yourself through writing and help you to shape and design your developing craft through a very safe and nurturing environment.  

So, whether you want to gently explore this craft or have an idea for a project - this course will assist you creatively on your path as you begin.


Sheila Forsey - an Irish Times best selling novelist of historical fiction. Sheila is also a playwright and a graduate of Maynooth in creative writing. 


10 Tuesday nights, 7pm-9.30pm.

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