Supervision in Early Childhood Care QQI L6 (6N1973)

Category: QQI

This module teaches you the knowledge, skill and competence to supervise others in providing child care and education in a range of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) contexts.

Course content

1 Evaluate the key concepts, principles and practice in leadership, supervision and or line management within the ECCE setting

2 Analyse the role and responsibilities of a supervisor in an ECCE setting and the key attributes and skills required, to include communication, time management, organisational skills and knowledge of current legislation and best practice guidelines

3 Explain the role of the supervisor in an ECCE setting in implementing best practice and in establishing, maintaining and continuously improving standards and quality

4 Select processes to motivate and support team members in achieving agreed actions

5 Develop strategies for overcoming barriers to effective supervision, to include recognition of common challenges and problems when working with individuals and teams, and identification of possible resolutions

6 Implement a range of organisational policies and procedures in an ECCE setting ensuring adherence to best practice and guidelines

7 Utilise a range of supervisory skills to supervise staff in an ECCE setting

8 Delegate and assign work and or tasks to others, monitoring progress and evaluating results

9 Supervise a team in an ECCE setting, to include agreeing a plan and or actions and monitoring and evaluation of progress

10 Critically reflect on own attributes and skills as a supervisor, to include analysis of, time management, communication, organisational skills and achievement of objectives

11 Evaluate learning and or training needs of the team, implementing training plans in line with organisational objectives.


Assessment: Learner Record 100%

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