Introduction to Programming using Java

Category: Skills

This course is aimed at beginner programmers but might also be useful for experienced programmers who want to learn more about Java. 

Spring term, five Wednesday nights. See schedule for specific dates, times, and fee.

Overview of Java's role in software technology

Java Application Programming: Overview of development environment, look at basic syntax of Java, write and run a simple programme

Data types and variables in Java: Look at different data types in Java, look at the concept of a variable and practice storing different values in a variable and reading the contents of a variable from a programme

Classes in object orientated programming: Define basics and benefits of classes in object orientated programming

Objects in object orientated programming: Demonstrate a simple class as a blueprint and create and use instances of that class

Define methods and member data for a class: Demonstrate calling a method and reading and updating member data or attributes for a class. Define a new method and some new member data for a class

  • The Java API: 

Look at the existing classes available in the Java class library

Use some common Java API classes: Make use the JOptionsPane and JFrame classes

Java Control Statements Part 1: Look at how to control the flow of control within a programme using if, then, else and switch statements

  1. Java Control Statements Part 2

Look at how to control the flow of control within a program using for and do while statements.

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