Embracing technology & digital skills: Senior Challenge

Category: Skills

This module is part of the innovative Senior Challenge programme

Embracing technology & digital skills

Irish Computer Society, Digital Skills for Citizens Training programme

1. Introduction to the Internet - What's it all about!

2. Internet safety and security - Put your mind at ease when sharing your data online and feel safe when shopping online.

3. Email - Connect with others, a standard means of communication in the digital world!

4. Search engines and websites - Heard of google?,you will be an expert! Learn how to navigate websites with ease.

5. Online government services - Contact government services, pay your bills e.g motor tax online

6. Conduct everyday transactions - Check out world news and keep update with what is happening locally and around the global!

7. Online voice and video calls - With a press of a button connect with friends and family around the globe (for free).

8. Apps - Applications designed for tablets and smartphone to take advantage of the touch screen.

9. Social Media - Learn about Facebook, twitter, instagram, stay connected

10.Learn about you tube, digital photography, online banking, RTE player, online radios.

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