Smart Marketing with your Smartphone

Category: Skills

Module 1: Camera & Lighting
- Introduction to the course.
- The importance of light when shooting your products.
- Stabilizing your smart phone while shooting.

Module 2: Composition
- Using the knowledge of light, learn how to best compose their subject.

Module 3: Studio Shots
- This will be a practical class. Bring Your Own Products and using the 
understanding of light, stabilization & composition, create beautiful 
product photography.

Module 4: Editing Apps
- Free & Paid editing apps for iPhone & Android.
- Using editing apps to touch up & crop photographs to optimise for 
social media.

Module 5: Social Media Marketing
- Overview of social media marketing, focusing on your visual image, 
feed consistency.
- Gain a better understanding of visually optimising your Facebook & 
Instagram Feeds.

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