Hair Braiding / Plaiting

Category: Skills

Beginners Basic to Festival Plaiting, Viking Hair Inspiration

This is a five-week BRAIDING COURSE, delivered by Marion O’Toole, hairdresser on the Viking TV series

Week 1 

Introduction to basic plaiting / braiding techniques

Mood board, handouts on hand positioning techniques

Demonstration followed by practice on training head

For those with more knowledge, lesson in French plaiting technique 

Week 2

French plaiting and Dutch plaiting, recap on basic plaiting

Week 3

Waterfall Plaiting, recap on previous classes

Week 4

Fish tail plaiting, recap

Week 5

Creating a festival or Viking hair look using techniques covered in course

Safety Procedures

Each person will have their own training head to learn on during the class.

Individual brush and comb will be provided, which will be sterilised. 

No sharing of equipment.


Five Tuesday nights, Autumn term

Gorey Community School


Gorey School of Art


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