Soap Making Workshop

Category: Skills

Soap Making Class with Soap Scullery

Have you always wanted to learn how to make handmade soap at home?

DAY: Monday
TIME: 7pm-9.30pm
DATES: Jan 30th, 2023 | Feb 6th, 2023 & Feb 13th, 2023

The science behind the soap

You will learn the science behind the soap and how to create a recipe using different kind of butters and oils & how they affect your finished bars and how to use sodium hydroxide (lye) safely

Essential Oils & Clay

An insight into using essential oils & fragrance in your soaps including using natural ingredients such as clays to colour and add texture

Bring it Home!

A handout will be provided covering everything you need to make cold process soap at home including your soap bars made in the class

Classes include:

  • Theory & Demonstration
  • Practical Soap Making
  • Colouring & Fragrance

75euro per person
(covers all three classes and ingredients)


Soap Making Workshop  Follow this link for more information 

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