Frequently Asked Questions: Level 6 Childcare

1. How many nights do I have to attend? 

Most of the modules run for 12 nights and two Saturdays. Check your particular module to see if it is run on Monday or Wednesday night.

You will need to complete eight modules to get your full Certificate, so if you complete two modules a term, you may be able to complete the Certificate in two years in Gorey Community School. If you have completed modules elsewhere, you may be able to count these towards your Certificate and complete the other modules in less than two years.

If you want to do just one module at a time, that is fine also. Each module completed is a Minor award with a certain number of credits. You can build up your credits at your own pace to get to the total number of modules and credits required for the Major Certificate.

2. Do I have to attend on Saturdays?

It's best to check with your tutor if attending on Saturday is necessary. In some modules, Saturday is used to record skills demonstrations. In this case, you would have to attend as the skill demonstration would be part of your assignment.

3. How big is the class?

The classes range in size from 10 people up to 24 people. This allows for plenty of personal time with the tutor as well as learning from the other night class participants when doing group work.

4. Do I need to bring anything on the first night?

If you haven't already registered, bring a registration form with you and either your first instalment or full fee, whichever suits you.

5. Must I sit an exam at the end?

In some modules, you will sit an exam. In other modules, you will complete assignments as you go through the course, as well as skills demonstrations. Don't worry about the exams as the tutors will ensure that you are well prepared. Talk to your tutor if you are still anxious during the course.

6. I've been away from study for over 20 years. Will I be able for what's involved?

In this case, we would advise that you do the Level 5 Communications (5N0690) course first. This will re-introduce you to writing and will show you how to structure any essays you may have to write. It will also help to build your confidence when it comes to writing and research.

7. Can I do this course during the day?

Our adult education programme is run at night - we are a secondary school, so the school is used fully every day during term time.

8. What do I need to qualify to attend the course?

As this is a part-time course, it is designed for adults, so you must be over 21 to attend. (If you are under 21, you should attend a full-time PLC course). At the very least, you will need to have completed your Junior Cert (or Inter Cert for older participants) and have a reasonable standard of English. 

9. Will my attendance affect my result?

Your attendance will affect your result in that you will miss out on elements of the assignments that your tutor requires. If is difficult to get a proper 'feel' for the coursework just from your tutor's notes, as class discussions always play a big part in the learning in adult education. It is vital to attend as many nights as you can in order to get the best result you can.

10. How do you register for the course?

You can register using Easy Payments Plus, by post, by calling into the school from 9am-4pm during term time, by attending our information evenings in September and January, or by letter from a State organisation such as SOLAS or the Department of Social Protection. Full information is provided here.

11. Can I pay the fees in instalments?

Yes, you can. Just give us a ring on 053 942 1167 and we'll come up with a plan that suits you. You will need to pay a registration deposit.

12. Can I get funding towards this course?

If you are in receipt of unemployment benefit or certain other types of Social Welfare, you may be entitled to a training grant. You should go to your local INTREO (FAS) office or social welfare office and ask to speak to the Training Facilitator. Funding needs to be in place before you start the training, so it is important to see the training facilitator as early as possible.

13. When do I get my results?

All coursework is assessed in June of each year by QQI. Results are circulated to students at the end of June and certificates are presented at an awards ceremony in September.

14. If I have completed modules in another college can I use them towards the Childcare award?

Yes, you can. Click here to see a list of the modules that QQI has specified are needed for the Level 6 Childcare Certificate.

15. If I drop out of the course, will I lose my certification?

You will receive certification for any module you have completed. Results for your completed modules are retained by QQI and can be used in the future as credits against another course.

16. I have not completed all my modules with Gorey Community School. How do I apply for my full Cert?

Come and talk to us in the Adult Education Office and we can find out how many modules you have completed and take it from there.

17. Can I go further with my qualification?

Yes. After you complete this course, you will be able to work in - or see promotion in - crèches, afterschool services, preschools, playschools, and nurseries. The certificate is also a stepping stone to third level study subject to specific requirements. 

18. Are the tutors qualified?

We have different tutors for different modules and all of them have relevant professional qualifications in their discipline. 

*If you do not see the answer to your question here, you can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 053 942 1167.

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