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Healthcare Support Certificate (5M4339) QQI Level 5

The Healthcare Support Level 5 Certificate is designed to prepare you to work competently, safely, and effectively as a Healthcare Assistant in a variety of settings such as nursing homes, hospitals and home help support.


When you successfully complete the Healthcare Support Level 5 Major Award, there are many professional and academic opportunities available to you. For instance, you could seek further work opportunities in general hospitals, nursing homes, or as home help support staff.

You could also consider further third level study in nursing and related health studies either in universities or Institutes of Technology. Your options could include Level 8 degrees in nursing degrees or social care.

Eight modules to be completed: Five vocational modules, plus Communications, Work Experience & one other Level 5 module


Three Compulsory Modules

Care Skills (5N2770)                                         12 nights & 2 Saturdays         Every September 

Care Support (5N0758)                                     12 nights & 2 Saturdays         Every January

Safety and Health at Work (5N1794)                      12 nights & 2 Saturdays           Every September      


Two Elective Module from list below

Intellectual Dissability Studies (5N1562)             12 nights & 2 Saturdays                 Every January  

Care of the Older Person (5N2706)                    12 nights & 2 Saturdays                  Every January   

Anatomy and Physiology (5N0749)                    12 nights & 2 Saturdays                  Every January   

Child Development (5N1764)                            12 nights & 2 Saturdays                  Every September   

Customer Service (5N0972)                              12 nights & 2 Saturdays                  Every January

Palliative Care (5N3769)                                   12 nights & 2 Saturdays                  Every September  

Nursing Theory and Practice (5N4325)                12 nights & 2 Saturdays                 Every September 

Infection Prevention and Control                        12 nights & 2 Saturdays                  Every January 


Compulsory Modules

Communications (5N0690)                               12 nights & 2 Saturdays                      Every Term

Work Experience 

+ any other Level 5 module or ECDL.

An additional charge of €200 is incurred when choosing ECDL.

You may use any Level 5 module studied elsewhere once you have the certificate.

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