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Published: Tuesday, 17 April 2018
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 Gorey Community School is located on Esmonde Street, Gorey , Co. Wexford.


Eircode Y25YX29


You enter the school through the carpark at the bottom of Esmonde street, opposite ALDI.

Parking is free after 6.30 pm on weekdays.



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Published: Monday, 07 July 2014
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Accredited courses at GCS Adult Education

Course Level Starting Duration Fee

Healthcare Support 5M4339 8 Level 5 Modules   


Sept 2020

+ Jan 2021

2 years or more

8 Level 5 Modules 


Business Studies 5M2102  8 Level 5 Modules



Sept 2020

+ Jan 2021

2 years or more

8 Level 5 Modules 


Childcare 5M2009 8 Level 5 Modules  


Sept 2020

+Jan 2021

2 years or more

8 Level 5 Modules 


Animal  Care 5M2768 8 Level 5 Modules 



Sept 2020

+Jan 2021

2 years or more

8 Level 5 Modules



Supervision in Childcare 6M2007  Level 6, 7 Modules


Sept 2020

+ Jan2021

24 weeks   2 nights per week

QQI Level 6

7 Modules 

€1295 + 
1 Level 5 module

Accounting Technician

Level 6

Sept 2020

2 Years 2 nights per week

per year

ACCA Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

Level 8

Sept 2020

1 Night per week 

€1580 per year 

Entrepreneurship For Women   BTEI

Level 5

Sept 2020

1 Night per Week for 24 weeks

Free To qualifying

Applicants on BTEI

Leaving Cert Irish for Mature Students

L Cert

Sept 2020

1 Year 2 Nights per Week


 Click on the course name for more information.

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Go to Mon, Tues, Wed listings for dates and times for all the courses above.

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Published: Saturday, 16 November 2013

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Autumn  Term 2020


Classes will start on Monday September 28th this year 

 All classes will be conducted in accordance with the Social Distancing Guidelines in force at the time of Commencement.


 Adult Education Autumn 2020 Brochure: Click to download      


2020/2021 QQI Levels 5 and 6 options: Click to download


Adult Education Covid 19 Compliance Guidelines:Click to download  


For Information on all our Certified Courses

            for Autumn 2020 :Click and Follow this link


Entrepreneurship for Women BTEI Funded:Click to download



Gift Certificates Click to Purchase



Autumn  Term 2019


For Information on all our New Courses : Click to download


Adult Education Autumn 2019 Brochure:Click to download 


 Summer Term 2019 Brochure    Click to download


Adult Education Spring 2019 Brochure  Click to download


Spring 2019 New Class Information  Click to download







Please note the following:

  • A registration fee of €40 applies to all standard and €95 for all certified courses.
  • A one third Deposit is required on all courses with fees greater than €400. 
  • You are not registered until you have paid a registration fee.
  • You can also register and pay for your course online using Easy Payments Plus.
  • Just click on the EPP icon on the right hand side of the screen and follow the instructions. 
  • Cash is no longer accepted at night for the payment of fees.
  • Payments will be accepted by cheque, bankers' draft, postal order, Laser or Visa card. 


Adult education provides an opportunity for people to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills and, through improved co-operation and communication, to create a better community, society and environment in which we live.The Adult Education Department at Gorey Community School is a vibrant unit with accredited up-to-date courses, modern technology and professional teaching staff. We offer evening classes and courses which are constantly monitored to ensure they are relevant and contemporary, and the curriculum is tailored to the needs of the students. Underpinning that commitment, we strive to meet new opportunities which students wish to explore - if the course you require is not listed, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Proof that the courses on offer are of value to the local community can be seen in the dramatic increase in enrollment at the Department from 420 in 1993 to almost 1500 in recent times.

Each year, a wide range of disciplines which are accredited by a number of prestigious validating bodies, are on offer.  Should you require any further information beyond that available on this website, please do not hesitate to contact the Department. I would like to wish you great success and self-fulfillment in whatever course you are attending.

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